Transitional Elderly Care From A Highly Skilled Home Health Aide in Douglasville, GA

Your loved one can be supported by a home health aide as they recover through transitional elderly care at home

Coming home to an empty house following an extended stay in the hospital or a major surgery is considered to be one of the fastest ways to ensure a swift return to the hospital. Doctors consider the first few days after the patient returns home to be critical to their recovery. Those who come home with no one to help them care for themselves often try to overdo things, forget to take care of their wounds or have trouble taking their medications. All of these can lead to a slower recovery period or a relapse that means a return trip to the hospital. Our elderly care are designed to provide the transition care needed to make the return home go smoothly.

Depending on the nature of your visit to the hospital, you may be required to remain on bed rest for a few days. During this time, you may not be able to prepare meals, take care of your home, let alone take care of any wounds or make sure you are taking the right medications at the appropriate times. This is where our elderly care available in Douglasville, GA comes in. A home health aide can be available to provide you with a wide range of homemaking and personal care services designed to help you out during this challenging time in your life.

Let Our Elderly care Be There for You

Our care plans offer far more than most other services in Douglasville. Our team can help with light housekeeping services including cleaning, laundry, transportation, running errands, and much more. Along with this our elderly care include a home health aide who is able to assist with wound care, personal care including bathing and grooming, medication reminders, and if needed a nurse who can assist with medications to ensure you enjoy a smooth and rapid recovery. They will also help to keep in touch with your medical care management team and ensure their directions are followed.

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If you are planning a stay in the hospital or surgical procedure and would like to learn more about our elderly care from a home health aide during recovery, contact us online or by phone at 678-940-0220. We have a team of senior advisors on duty 24/7 to field your phone calls, answer any questions you have and then schedule your in home consultation with your personal care advisor. Their job is to work with you and your medical team to ensure we create the perfect care plan for you during the transition home. 


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