Elderly Home Care Solutions & Interactive Caregiving™ in Douglasville and South Atlanta, GA

Our distinctive approach to elderly home care is at the very heart of our home care solutions

When you search for senior care for your loved one, at the top of your list is ensuring they receive impeccable, trustworthy care. Knowing that they are well cared for and safe, while certainly at the top of the list, are not the only things you should be concerned about. More and more data is showing that seniors must remain active, independent, and socially connected in order to thrive. At Comfort Keepers of Douglasville, GA we are proud to offer our unique elderly home care solutions we call Interactive Caregiving.

What is Interactive Senior Care?

Our philosophy is that if our clients are physically active and mentally, socially, and emotionally engaged they will be healthier, happier, and live longer. Rather than just providing the senior care services we offer and nothing more, we interact with your loved ones by incorporating activities into our time in their home that help to improve their overall health and happiness. This is more than just a service-oriented approach or a companion service, we see it more like the type of interactions that any family would have with their loved ones.

Our goal is to incorporate activity and interaction into your loved one’s day based on their abilities and health as well as their personality and interests. Although our interactive care has very specific goals in improving physical and mental health, what it looks like will vary widely depending on senior’s abilities and interests.

Incorporating Interactive Senior Care

Our elderly home care solutions start with creating a customized care plan. This is where we find out what health issues your loved one might have, what type of care they need, and just as importantly what they enjoy doing and are capable of. This leaves us with enough information that we can integrate interactivity directly into your senior’s care plan. It allows us to offer a variety of activities that engage the senses, increase your loved one’s activity level, and prevent loneliness and isolation. Some ideas include:

  • Reading a book, newspaper, or magazine on a topic of interest.
  • Going for walks, or heading to a local park or attraction
  • Dancing, either around the house or at the senior center
  • Helping fold the laundry or make a meal
  • Gardening
  • Doing a puzzle or playing a game
  • Attend social activities such as senior centers or churches

As you can see the possibilities are endless and really depend on what your senior likes and is able to do. Whenever possible caregivers are matched carefully to ensure that they can make a connection with your loved one in relation to their interests and personality making the interaction even more meaningful.

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Our senior care is mean to be highly customizable to ensure that your loved one can be the biggest benefit from it. If you would like to learn more about senior care and how it can help your loved one live a more independent and fulfilling life, contact us at 678-940-0220​. We also offer free in-home consultations where you can get a better picture of what our interactive senior care plans look like. 


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