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Alzheimer’s Care Professionals Talk About How Friendship Can Help Seniors

Apr 6, 2018 by Jim McNabb

It is common for seniors to experience feelings of being overwhelmed or frustration as they learn that their daily tasks may become too much to handle for them. Because of this, they may withdraw from others and they may stop attending the events they used to. Alzheimer’s care professionals warn that this can lead to cognitive issues and even memory loss in the long run and it is not a good idea for seniors to remain in their home cooped up. Mental health is extremely important and good mental health can help your loved one better enjoy life.

One of the ways that an Alzheimer’s care professional can help to promote mental health in your loved one is through socialization. Your senior may socialize with you and your family, but it is important that they socialize with people outside of their traditional circle. Not only is it beneficial for their overall mental health, it will allow them to meet others.

Alzheimer’s care experts also say that it is a good idea for your loved one to talk with others about their memories and share stories. Recalling these memories helps workout the brain and it also allows your loved one to reminisce and remember the good days. The recollection of old memories will help to boost your loved one’s mental acuity too.

Friendships and relationships are very important, and your senior will find that our Alzheimer’s care experts work to form a strong foundation for friendship with them. Our care team does not just come into your loved one’s home and complete daily tasks. They will sit and talk with your senior, discuss the daily news, and more.

If you would like to learn more about our services or how we can help create a friendship with your loved one, call Comfort Keepers at your convenience. 

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