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Local Home Care Agency Talks About Fall Prevention For Seniors

Jun 14, 2018 by Jim McNabb

It may come as no surprise to you that seniors are more likely to fall than others and those falls can lead to both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of American seniors fall inside of their home and there are almost 3 million injuries due to falls yearly. As your local home care agency, it is important to know that seniors are able to be seriously injured and it is scary to think that a majority of the falls happen where they think they are safe.

There are several reasons why a senior may fall, but since most of the falls occur in the home, our home care agency finds it important to provide you with some tips on ways to make your loved one’s home safer. Let’s take a look below.

The Bedroom

  • Install night lights, especially in dark areas, for illumination
  • Have an easy to use light source readily available such as a touch lamp or tap light

The Bathroom

  • Have a shower chair or bench installed
  • Place a non-slip mat inside of the tub or shower and on any surface in the bathroom that may become slippery or wet
  • Install grab bars, especially in the shower and around the toilet

The Hallways

  • Install night lights and touch lamps to provide illumination
  • Eliminate any clutter
  • Ensure all carpets are secured in place
  • Remove any loose rugs or runners

The Kitchen

  • Place all frequently used appliances and utensils in plain view or in an easy to reach area
  • Install non-slip mats to ensure secure footing

Our local home care agency wants to remind you to also remove or tie up any electrical cords to keep them out of the walkways, as they can be very dangerous. You may want to consider installing hand rails on both sides of any staircases as well.

Comfort Keepers is your local home care agency and is ready to provide your loved one with the care he or she needs. Call today to learn more

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